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Pay Article Writers Properly!

There’s something that often amuses me and makes me quite angry at the same time. From time to time I see site owners advertising for article writers on freelance sites. Initially, their advertisements seem quite normal as you begin to read what they expect. They usually expect the article writers to:

  • Be native English speakers
  • Submit grammar perfect articles
  • Write unique articles
  • Produce well researched articles
  • Not submit articles that are actually rewrites of other articles
  • Not use article spinning software
  • Maintain a fast turnaround time


Okay, fair enough so far I say. I expect exactly that from my article writers.

These advertisers usually go on to threaten that if they suspect writers of breaching any of these requirements they won’t pay for the articles. Still fair enough, although personally I’d want to have proof before making that accusation and declining to pay.

But here comes the bit that’s both funny and annoying – the payment offering. The last one I saw said:

I pay $1 for 500 words.


Oh leap for joy! They want to hire a top quality writer and they’re offering the equivalent of $2 an hour! Yes, I’m sure there’ll be a lot of quality writers lining up for $2 an hour. Of course, really fast typists might make $3 or even $4 an hour. Wow. Let me see, if a fast writer works 10 hours a day, that’ll be $30-40 for the equivalent of a normal working day plus a couple of hours overtime. That anyone would offer such pitiful recompense to quality writers makes me angry.

What makes me laugh is that these advertisers actually think that quality writers are going to work for them – without using an article spinner, plagiarising content from somewhere, or rewriting other articles. Are these people completely stupid? Who in the native English speaking world is going to work for $2 an hour?

The writers these advertisers are likely to end up with will surely be angry writers who will do whatever they can to ensure they can turn out at least 10 ‘high quality well researched’ articles an hour to make it at all worthwhile. Now, I wonder just how they’ll be doing that.    Stop Watch and Money

Anyone with even the most basic grasp of math can put two and two together. For those that can’t – anyone who pays article writers a pittance is very likely to get pitifully poor or possibly plagiarised articles.