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Content Writers: Prices

Content marketing budgets come in all sizes, and content writers’ rates vary across providers. Our price will depend on the type of content you are ordering, and your topic area. It will also depend on whether you will be providing detailed briefs, or our content strategist will be creating a content calendar and researching topics for you.

You can download our current brochure and price guide for article prices below. This brochure also explains how we work with our clients.

Content strategy services such as content audits and strategy documentation are quoted on a case by case basis. The work involved in these tasks varies from client to client.

If you need help planning and implementing inbound marketing campaigns, speak to us about your requirements to obtain a quote.

Rates for one-off web copy or SEO content writing tasks

For new website copy, price typically range from $200 – $300 + GST per page. Your quote will include the first draft and two rounds of amendments. The precise quote will depend on the topic and amount of copy required.

Rates for article & blog writing

Prices for articles, blog posts and press releases ordered on a casual basis start at $60 + GST per 100 words. Rates are higher for thought leadership level content, and where phone or on-site interviews are required.

Marketing agencies needing content for multiple clients should contact us with requirements and approximate numbers for a quote.

Thought leadership & feature level articles

Informative articles educate your market and attract the interest of prospective clients hungry for information, but competitors are often writing about the same subjects. You have to work hard to stand out. A demonstration of thought leadership that peeks into the future, or provides an insightful analysis of a topic, can generate strong engagement. This type of content can travel far and wide online. So too, can a riveting story people relate to.

Many hours of work go into creating content at this level. The cost varies according to the article requirements. You’ll be able to calculate the approximate cost for the length of article you have in mind by downloading our brochure below.

These types of articles often require one or more interviews with sources or topic experts. You may also want custom images or graphs created to illustrate the article, or for us to identify suitable sources/experts to interview. Where an on-site interview is required, travel time also needs to be considered.

To obtain a quote, contact us to discuss your needs.

EBooks and white papers

Please ask for a quote. Cost varies according to length, topic, and whether you’d like us to arrange design as well as the writing.

Original industry research

If you’d like to undertake your own industry research to generate data and unique perspectives for content creation, we have a research consultant on the team who can assist.

For corporate clients with a research budget in excess of $5000, the first step is a free telephone consultation with both our content strategist and our research consultant. The aim of the consultation is to learn about your goals, and determine suitable research methods. A written proposal and quote is then provided.

Packaged services

Packaged services provided on a month-to-month basis are also available. We don’t ask our clients to commit to annual contracts! Our packages are tailored to your requirements. Simply let us know what you need, and we’ll prepare a proposal for you.

Strategy help

For assistance with content planning or strategy, an introductory phone consultation with our strategist is free. And whether you spend $500 a month with us, or $5000, our strategist will help you to get the best possible results. Strategy services including strategy documentation and content audits are quoted on an individual basis. Contact us to discuss your requirements today! Blog writing prices