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Become an advocate

Become a referral partner/advocate

Many of our clients, contractors, business connections, friends and already mention our services and introduce us to prospective clients when the opportunity arises. If you’re one of them, you might like to register with us as an advocate, download our advocacy app, and receive a commission on future introductions you make that result in sales.

Who can become a referral partner or advocate?

Our referral program is open to agencies and individuals who would like to refer work to us and earn commissions for successful referrals.

Agencies – website designers, marketing and digital marketing agencies, and other business-related consultancies

Do you regularly speak with clients or prospective clients who need help with their content requirements? If you don’t offer this service and don’t want the hassle of white labelling, why not simply introduce those clients to us, leave all the work to us and earn 10% commission (lifetime of services) on successful referrals?


Individuals can also register as advocates – including our own contractors and staff, current and past clients, freelance writers, marketing managers, business consultants, accountants and networking group members who feel they may have opportunities to introduce us to people who need our services. Our individual advocates can also receive 10% commission (lifetime of services).

How does it work?

When you speak with someone who needs a service we offer – for example, they’re looking for website copywriters, regular blog writers, or help with content strategy –  simply offer to introduce them to us. If they agree, use our advocate app to send us their details. Let them know we’ll be in touch, and we’ll do the rest. We’ll keep you up to date on the progress, and if the introduction results in a sale, you’ll receive the incentive you’ve chosen.

How much could you earn?

We’re keeping it simple – 10% commission on eligible successful referrals for the duration of service – there’s a link to the full terms and conditions on the registration page.

Not interested in a cash commission? There’s another option

Not everyone wants a cash commission, so if you’d like to gift your 10% commission to the business you’re referring (just sometimes, or all the time) we’re happy to apply a 10% discount to their services instead. To make this arrangement, let us know by emailing Leonie, or message us via the app once you’ve sent the referral.

How easy it is?

Exceptionally easy.

  1. Register as an advocate/referral partner.
  2. Download the phone app (you’ll receive a link)
  3. Register your referrals on the app or desktop platform
  4. The app/platform sends those leads to us
  5. We follow them up, mentioning your referral
  6. You can see the progress/result in the app/platform
  7. The app/platform displays the progression of your referrals
  8. You select how you want to be paid with each successful referral – to bank account, PayPal, or via a gift card from selected online businesses (like Amazon).

Once you register, you’ll receive a welcome email containing further information, including:

  • How to identify good referral opportunities
  • How we follow up your referrals
  • How we’ll keep you up to date on the progress of your referrals