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6 billion Google searches, 3.5 billion Facebook posts and 2 million new blogs hit the web every day.

The numbers are staggering! We live in times of unrivalled choice for consumers and unmatched competition and opportunities for business.

Making sense of the chaos isn’t easy but we’re going to try. The Article Writers Australia blog helps business cut through the cacophony, focus on producing content their clients want and deliver it the way they demand.

Should Fear Based Marketing Give Up The Ghost?

Fear is a powerful motivator, and it has been used to persuade people to do or buy things for decades, if not centuries. While there’s no doubt that fear based marketing does work as a short term fix, many organisations these days are taking a more long term approach to their marketing strategy, and aiming to build long term positive relationships with customers.

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5 Freelancer Fears (And How To Face Them Bravely)

Freelancing is exciting, but like most exciting things, it can be scary too. When you start out as a freelance writer, you’re probably exchanging a life of stable pay cheques and paid holidays for one of uncertainty, at least in the beginning. Whether you’re freelancing as a side gig or a full time career, there are a few fears you’re going to have to face at one stage or another.

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3 Ways To Market Yourself To A Niche

Do you have a writing niche like real estate or property development? Maybe you’ve worked in a particular field so you understand the nuances and complexities better than the average writer.  This can be a good opportunity to position yourself as a topic specialist and command a healthy rate. Here are 3 ways to market yourself to a niche.

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