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How to Build an Email Marketing List

How to Build an Email Marketing List

Klara Vida

Manager, content & social at Article Writers Australia
Based in Queensland, Klara has a decade of experience in PR and marketing roles for significant brands.
Klara Vida

Want to know how to build an email marketing list, and why you should?

Successful marketing is a mix of so many things combined, but if your email list isn’t way up there in terms of priority, you should reconsider.

What is an email marketing list?

An email list, or an electronic mailing list, is a database of subscribers who’ve signed up to receive email content from you. Under the Spam Act 2003, there are three rules which email marketers must stick to:

  1. Consent from the recipient to opt-in,
  2. Identification of the sender; and
  3. A clearly visible option to unsubscribe in each email.

Advantages of email marketing 

Before you ask why email lists are so critical, consider this statistic from Campaign Monitor. The current organic reach of a Facebook Page post is around 2%. In comparison, email reaches 90% of its intended recipients.

In 2018, Facebook started featuring less pages and changed its feed to interaction-based curation. Posts attracting comments, shares and reactions are more likely to show up. Yet the catch is that fewer followers seeing posts equals less visibility and interaction. The fact is, it’s harder and harder for business owners to reach their market on social media. This is why you shouldn’t just focus your efforts there.

Email in comparison is a direct way to reach your market without the impact of algorithms or social clutter. If this reason alone isn’t compelling enough to place email at the top of your list, consider this statistic from Hubspot. Email is 40 times more effective at customer acquisition than Facebook and Twitter combined. While social media isn’t a place to pitch, it is a place to communicate your brand. When followers trust you, it’s easier to ask them to continue the conversation on email, where you can control the reach.

There’s a statistic that every email subscriber is the equivalent of $1 per month in revenue. While there are many variables, just picture 100,000 subscribers and you can start to see the value. 

Email marketing list building strategies 

These six strategies can help you build your email marketing list.

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  1. Ask existing contacts to join you. Email existing contacts and explain why you want to stay in touch and what they can expect to receive from you – whether it’s industry insight, tips or personal experience. Customise every email to each recipient, and include a link to subscribe. 
  2. Make it easy subscribe. Add the link on your site pop-up, Instagram bio, Facebook page, homepage above the fold, in blog CTAs and email signatures. Ensure the user experience is friendly, the call to action clear and check your opt-in isn’t buried. 
  3. Keep the opt-in process quick and simple. There’s a basic rule for collecting email addresses. The deeper the relationship and the larger the exchange, the more information you can ask for. Since email subscribers are most likely new to your brand, don’t ask 10 questions at opt-in. Keep it simple and stick to two fields – their name and email. 
  4. Create a campaign around something free. Facebook ads are still one of the most effective ways to reach a target audience. Content like ebooks, checklists or compelling solutions in blog posts are all effective ways to build your email list. Take potential customers to a landing page where they can opt-in. 
  5. Pop-ups. These can instantly boost list growth if they create a reason for people to subscribe on the spot. It’s why you see so many brands using discounts as a carrot to join their mailing list. Since it’s simple to unsubscribe from a list, visitors don’t have anything to lose. 
  6. Thank them for joining your email list. Send them a welcome to get the ball rolling and reinforce their decision to join you.

Email list management 

In addition to the tips we’ve covered, automated email marketing is vital to nurture every step of a subscriber’s experience from the moment they opt-in. What are you communicating to subscribers and how are you serving them? 

While automation often makes us think of marketing funnels, smaller details like birthday and anniversary emails all make a difference to brand experience and should be scheduled too.  

Email is a way to continue a relationship off social media and create deeper trust through insight, expertise and showing the heart of your brand. Your emails should contain at least 80% value and support through content like blogs, industry insight and free resources, and just 20% selling or less. When your core market has a reason to keep following you, it creates customers who believe in your brand and will stick to you. 

Happy Birthday emails help build lists

Email marketing software

Mailchimp is a robust place to start and it’s free up to 2,000 subscribers. Brands like Infusionsoft are super targeted when it comes to segmenting lists, and seeing what topics are clicked to serve highly customised content. While not every brand’s ready to delve this deep, there are many options to support you at every level. 

Email marketing services

Whether you need assistance finding the right strategic approach, or top content writers to bring your ideas together, Article Writers Australia can help. Speak to us today to find out more.