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6 billion Google searches, 3.5 billion Facebook posts and 2 million new blogs hit the web every day.

The numbers are staggering! We live in times of unrivalled choice for consumers and unmatched competition and opportunities for business.

Making sense of the chaos isn’t easy but we’re going to try. The Article Writers Australia blog helps business cut through the cacophony, focus on producing content their clients want and deliver it the way they demand.

5 mistakes that prevent freelance writers earning enough

The idea of working from home as a freelance writer is very appealing – you get to schedule your day your way, be your own boss, spend more time with family, and so much more. Yet many try to achieve the dream and fail – and head back to the safety of full-time employment all too soon. Here’s my take on the 5 mistakes that prevent freelance writers earning enough.

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How to Build a Client Base for a Freelance Writing Business

You’ve started a freelance writing business and put in the hard yards to get it running. You’ve sourced an ABN, secured a domain, developed a glowing brand, set up a website and social accounts. You’ve done everything and you’re fired up and ready to go. And then…crickets and tumbleweed. So, what next? Klara Vida has some tips for surviving the freelance start up phase.

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