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Content Marketing Services

Content creation & strategy

Content Marketing Services

As a Sydney based content marketing agency Article Writers Australia offers a range of content related services. Our services include content creation (blog and article writing, EDM copy, eBooks), inbound campaign planning, research, editorial calendars, content audits and strategy development.

Content Creation

We assist clients with a range of content: blog posts and articles, white papers, eBook material, social media updates and more. We also write web page content for a new websites, and revise outdated copy.

Content Planning

Our content strategist is available to assist clients who aren’t familiar with creating content calendars and writer briefs, or don’t have time to do it. He’ll undertake the research, and create a content calendar for your approval. Once you’re happy with it, he’ll brief the writers.

Reviews and Audits

Marketing strategies change. Businesses grow and develop. If things have changed, it’s time to step back and take a fresh look. One of our content review services may help:

Website review: we’ll review your website to report on content relevance, readability, navigation, SEO, lead capture opportunities and more. This can be very helpful for SMEs.

Content audit: do you need to identify content that requires updating or removal, or map content to buyer personas and buyer journey stages? If you do, then a full audit of content assets may be appropriate.

Content StrategyContent Marketing Strategy Equation

No content marketing strategy? It’s important to have a road map. Without one, you could waste your marketing budget on content that doesn’t resonate with the intended audience. You wouldn’t engage a builder if you didn’t have an end goal in mind. And you’d want to see his detailed plan before you paid a cent!

The same should apply to your content marketing. Plan first, then invest. We can prepare a content strategy for your business if you don’t have one. If you plan to create your own, there are a number of areas to cover. Your strategy should identify:

  • Your brand’s position or desired position
  • Your desired audience
  • The most appropriate types of content
  • The applicable platforms
  • How your competitors are using content
  • Your available budget
  • Short and long term goals
  • Frequency of creation
  • Publishing frequency
  • Content creation method (e.g. in-house or outsource)

Social Media

Monthly packages can include content creation, social media services and curation. If you do your own social media but need help with headlines, we can provide suitable update copy with the content we create for you.

What is Content Marketing?

It’s the practice of creating and publishing content to engage customers and potential customers with a brand.

Good content marketers aim to interest and engage, rather than overtly sell. Quality content that your audience finds interesting can attract more traffic to your website, and increase sales over time. It can build your brand’s online presence and reputation, or help you establish a personal profile as a thought leader in your industry.

Content used for marketing ranges from social media updates, articles and blog posts, through to eBooks, free reports and even podcasts and videos.

Taking the right approach

Do you want the best possible results? An ad hoc approach won’t do. If you’ve decided it’s time to get serious with your marketing, then you may need to do some (or all) of these tasks:

  • Clearly define your ideal target market
  • Identify buyer personas within that market
  • Understand stages of the buyer journey: awareness, consideration, decision
  • Review your website to ensure the content speaks to your market
  • Identify any SEO issues and correct them
  • Set up tracking – you must be able to see how your site is performing
  • Have a lead capture and nurture system in place, to retain contact with interested site visitors
  • Choose the most appropriate distribution channels and content formats
  • Decide what to publish and how often
  • Set up measuring tools and systems so you can review and improve results
  • Plan content appropriate for each stage of the buyer journey
  • Create the best content you can
  • Have a sales process in place – leads go nowhere if they’re not followed up
  • Consider an automated marketing platform – you’ll get more done when you don’t have to do it!

There are several content marketing services in Australia that offer strategy, planning and creation services, and can help you start your journey on the right footing.

To talk to us about your needs, or learn more about our content marketing agency services, call us on 1300 880 543. Alternatively, complete our contact form and we’ll call you. We’re based in Sydney, but we have writers located in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth, so we’re happy to help you wherever you are.