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Web Copywriters Sydney and Melbourne

Looking for Australian copywriters?

Our entire writing team is based in Australia, so whether you’re looking for local web copywriters or a regular blog writer we can assist. Our admin, editor and content strategist work from Sydney, and we have website copywriters in Sydney, Melbourne, and other regions of Australia.

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We can assist you with:

  • Web copywriting
  • EDM or email copywriting
  • SEO/optimised copy
  • New website copy or revision of existing content
  • Blog writing
  • Inbound marketing campaign content (eBooks, blog posts, EDM copy, landing pages)

Not sure whether you need a copywriter or a content writer?

The two professions have merged to a certain degree in recent years, with the rise of content marketing. Our writers are all experienced web copy writers, but not all would be considered ‘copywriters’ in the original sense.

A copywriter is a writer who is skilled at writing promotional copy that aims to persuade the reader as to the value of using a product or service. A lot of modern copywriting involves online applications, and you may have come across the term ‘SEO copywriting’.

writer who creates online content must have an understanding of SEO and web writing in addition to their writing skills. They also need some degree of copy writing skill. However, if it’s persuasive advertising copy you need, you’ll find that not every web content writer will have those skills. Ad copy usually needs to be short and punchy, and convey a message in the most concise way possible. Writers who work on articles are not always accustomed to creating that type of copy.

There can also be a difference between content writers and blog writers. The term ‘content writing’ often relates to writing website copy. Like ad copy, it needs to be concise and convey a message efficiently. Blog writing is about storytelling, conveying news, or educating readers.

The majority of our team members are blog writers and journalists – but we do have website copywriters on the team, and writers with experience writing video scripts and ad copy.

If you’re looking for articles or blog posts, our team has a broad range of writing expertise. Insurance, dating, debt, mortgages, law, real estate, pests, pets, food, fashion, toys, toddlers, parenting, costumes, health and nutrition, small business and employment, are just some of the subject areas in which we have experience. So if you’re looking for a writer who is familiar with your subject matter, the chances are we have one.

Our writers are based in Australia. Most are university educated individuals with qualifications in journalism or communications, or who have turned to professional writing after working in another profession.

If you need good writers, let’s talk! We’re located in Sydney but we operate online, so whether you’re in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Tasmania, the ACT or NT or overseas, we can help you. You can send an enquiry via our contact form or call us via landline on (02) 9634 3161.

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