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Thought Leadership Writing Course

The Thought Leadership Writing Course is our self-paced online course designed for consultants, executives, professionals and business owners who’d like to write their own thought leadership level articles for publication, but need to improve their skills.

Places are limited as the course includes detailed individual assessments, and feedback on students’ work, so we can only accept a small number of students each month.


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Course Details

You can view the full course curriculum here.

The course has theoretical and practical components – the final course component involves writing an article, submitting it for detailed feedback, and then revising the article to improve it. Also included is an edit and proofread on your final article draft before you publish.

During the course you’ll learn how to choose appropriate topics, plan and structure articles, find your voice and style, conduct research and cite sources, and more. As your progress, you’ll be developing some topic ideas along the way, so you’re ready to choose one when it’s time to write your article.

Once you’ve drafted your article, additional one-on-one assistance (included in the course cost) will be provided to assist you to fine tune the article and prepare it for publication. This will include a written assessment of your draft, with tips to help you improve it. When you’ve made some improvements and feel ready to publish, we’ll do a final edit, and proofread your article for you.

Who should consider participating?

  1. Consultants, executives, business owners and professionals who’d like to publish thought leadership content regularly on their blog, LinkedIn, or as contributing authors on news or opinion websites, but find it difficult to choose topics, decide what to include, and/or structure the articles.
  2. Professionals and executives who are expected to contribute to a company blog, but either don’t feel confident in their writing skills, or have no experience writing in article format.

How much does it cost?

The Thought Leadership Writing Course is just $495 and this includes:

  • Access to all course material and lectures
  • Help planning your topic and article
  • Assessment of your first draft of an article
  • Detailed feedback on your article so you can improve it
  • Edit and proofread of your final draft

How to enrol

Click the image below to visit the Thought Leadership Writing Course page. There you can view the full curriculum details and follow the prompts if you’d like to register.