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White Label Writing Services

White Label Content Services 

– for website designers, SEO consultants and digital marketing services

For website designers

Our white label copywriting services help you take control of your clients’ website content requirements for earlier job finalisation and payment! It’s easy. There are two approaches we can take:

  • You take the brief

Rebrand our job brief and email it to your clients to collect the information our content writers need. Send us the completed brief, and when the work is completed, we’ll send it to you to forward to the client for review.

  • Let us take the brief

If you don’t want to be a go-between, we can communicate with your clients under your brand name.

Include the cost of the content in your clients’ deposit requirement and we’ll invoice you. First draft turnaround time is approximately 7 days, with requested amendments then completed within 24-48 hours of the request.

White label or referral program? 

Yet another option, is to opt for a referral arrangement rather than white label. Our commissioned referral program allows you to refer clients directly and receive a commission. Simply register, download the phone app, and refer clients quickly from the phone app or desktop.

SEO consultants & digital marketers

Tired of waiting for your clients to provide articles, blog posts and case studies, or to arrange other content? Help your clients stay on track by offering a copywriting and blog writing services as part of the deal. There are several ways we can work with you, so feel free to call us to discuss an arrangement that would work for you:

  • You control the process, we do the writing

Send us briefs, content calendars or topic lists. We complete the work and send it to you. You send it to your client for review. This approach will suit if you have a strategy in place for clients and a process to identify suitable topics and gain client approval of those topics.

  • We do the calendars and writing, you manage communications

You provide strategic information such as client goals, keyword research and broad topic themes, and we prepare detailed quarterly content calendars for your clients’ approval. Approved topics are completed as scheduled and sent to you. You forward them to the client for review.

  • We manage client content under your brand name

If your account managers don’t have time to play the go-between with content related communications, we can assign content managers to communicate with your clients under your banner. Our content manager will discuss topic themes with clients, prepare content calendars for their approval, and send completed work for review.

For those who prefer not be be involved in the content creation process at all, consider our referral program instead.

White label client portals are coming in 2019…

We’ll soon have a fabulous new option for our white label content clients. Our internal job management system is currently being upgraded to incorporate branded white label client portals. This will allow us to offer each of our white label agency clients a branded job management portal for their content work.

The portal will house client style guide information, content calendars, and job tracking information. You and your clients will receive automated notifications when content is ready for review, and be able to provide feedback and request amendments within the portal. You’ll also be able to use the portal to add new client information, oversee the process, or participate in the review process.

We’re anticipating the client portals will be ready for use in May 2019.

Call us today on 1300 880 543 to discuss how we can help you deliver an outstanding content service to your clients.  

What is white labelling?

White label services’ or ‘private label services’ are terms used to describe a situation where a business that offers a particular service allows you to offer their services under your own brand name. This generally involves replacing their logo with your own on any associated paperwork your client will view. It may also include (depending on your preferences) the service provider having direct contact with clients on your behalf to obtain instructions or provide the service, but identifying themselves as associated with your brand rather than their own.

White labeling allows smaller businesses to expand the services they offer without the need to hire in-house expertise. It can be particularly useful for businesses in the online marketing space as many prospective clients are frustrated by the range of services and are increasingly seeking a one-stop-shop. For example, small business owners setting up new websites are often disappointed after arranging website design, to realise that they need to engage copywriters and (sometimes) another service provider to take care of the SEO.

With people now generally savvier about the different aspects of marketing online, the one-stop-shop has tremendous appeal to prospective clients.

If you’re losing clients to larger agencies with more resources, or you’d just like to offer your clients a higher level of service, speak to us today about adding copywriting services to your list. Call us on 1300 880 543 or use our contact form to tell us how we can help.