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Writing Service FAQ

Here are answers to some of the more common questions we’re asked about our content writing services and the type of website content we provide. If your question isn’t answered here, feel free to contact us for an answer.


Does your writing service only deal with articles and blog posts?

No. We prepare a range of website content and related material. For example, we prepare web page content for new business websites and can rewrite your web pages if your existing content needs changing. We can also help you with newsletter content, special reports and eBooks.


Are your website content writers and article writers based in Australia or do you outsource work to overseas writers? 

Our writers are based in Australia – we do not outsource work to cheap overseas content providers.


When I use your writing services, who owns the copyright to the articles or website content I pay you to write?

Once payment is made, you own the copyright to your website content. That entitles you to do whatever you wish with the website content you receive. You can place it wherever you like, re-write it for use in multiple locations, or just add your own thoughts to it.


I’d like to be sure I like your work before ordering. Do you have samples? 

Yes we do, just ask, although we may not have an item in our sample pack on your topic niche. If you’re considering a monthly package arrangement for content, speak to us about arranging a sample tailored to your topic area.


We’re an agency with numerous clients. Can you provide content for our clients?

Yes we can. We service SEO, marketing and website design firms who arrange content on behalf of their clients or incorporate content into package deals they offer. Speak to us about your requirements – we can assist whether you simply wish to order the articles you need, or you would like us to generate topics, prepare content calendars,schedule posting and supply images too. 


Can I contact your writing service by telephone?

Yes, you can. Please refer to our contact page for our telephone number. You can also contact our writing service via email or by using the contact form on the website. If your business is looking for an ongoing monthly arrangement for content, and you’re based in or near the Sydney Hills District, we’re happy to meet with you personally to talk about your requirements.


What happens if I don’t like an article I receive from your writing service or I think the website content I order needs alteration?

We’ll replace it, rewrite it or make the alterations you need at no charge if the item is not in line with your instructions. If you have provided insufficient instructions (for example, you wanted the article to include specific points, or take a certain angle, and you forgot to mention this in the job brief) amendment fees may apply. If it’s only a few words you don’t like because you’d prefer to use a different term, or you think of something you’d like to add, do remember that you own the copyright so you’re able to tweak and change the article to suit your personal preferences.


Is there a minimum order size, or can I order a single article from your writing service?

You can order a single article, or in fact, any number of articles that you need. We also offer monthly content arrangements without the requirement for a 12 month contract (unless you are a high budget client and your account would required a dedicated team to work on it).


I want a long article on a complicated topic. Can your writing service help?

Yes. We create long form content on complex topics. Ask for a quote – we need to assess the time that will be required and to ensure that we have a suitable copywriter available for the topic.


Why do you sometimes charge more to write a 400 word web page than a 400 word article? Aren’t they the same thing?

No. A web page requires a great deal more thought and time. It often involves several communications with the site owner, and that takes time. Once written, an article on a simple topic rarely needs alteration, whereas static web pages sometimes require two or three drafts to reach the stage where you’re perfectly happy with what you’ve decided to include. Some complex topic articles do cost more than web page content – in some cases one or two hours of research is required before the article can be prepared.


Why does your writing service charge more than the cheap writing services based overseas?

In the Australian economy, it’s just not feasible for people to work for two or three dollars an hour.  We don’t outsource overseas due to the quality issues involved. Many clients come to us after utilising cheap overseas content writing services and realising that the old saying “you get what you pay for” is true when it comes to content.


Why can’t you sell high quality unique articles for $10?

See the answer above! It takes time to write good articles and writers need to be paid adequately for their time. We believe that under paying writers results in plagiarism and low quality work and that’s not a risk our writing service wishes to take. If we outsourced work overseas to take advantage of cheap writers, our clients would not be happy with the result and we wouldn’t be blessed with repeat business and referrals!


I’ve purchased website content from an overseas service and it’s woeful. Can you fix it?

Maybe.  Assuming you own the copyright we can make alterations at your request however, often the writing is very shallow and contains factual errors in addition to grammatical ones, making it faster (and therefore cheaper) to write  fresh articles.


Do you use article writing or article spinning software?



What are ‘article rewrites’?

Article re-writing is the process of taking the original article we have created and writing another version of it. These are called article rewrites.  Alternate versions keep the original article concept but change the wording of the article so clients can use the article idea more than once – for example, they might post one version on their website blog, a second version on another website they have, and submit a third version to LinkedIn Pulse. We only offer this service if you own the copyright to the material you would like rewritten.


How long will it be before I receive my articles or website content from your writing service?

Our writing service operates on a 7-9 day turnaround. Occasionally during busy periods, some jobs may take longer however we will advise you of turnaround time during the ordering process.


Can you include anchor text links in my articles or website content if I provide the URL address?



Are you SEO experts?

No. We’re a writing service. Our writers are experienced SEO copywriters but we don’t undertake SEO work like arranging ‘back-links’ to your website. We do have a trusted SEO provider we like to refer clients to for affordable keyword research or for ongoing SEO assistance.


Do you assist clients with content for Social Media?

We do assist some regular content clients with social media, however we are not a social media management business. If you have content and social media requirements, you’re welcome to discuss this with us to see if you would be best served by us or a social media management service.

I need an electronic brochure with written content and images. Can your writing service help?

Yes, however we can only assist with the written content – we don’t offer graphic design services at this time. 

We hope you choose our writing services and we look forward to providing you with excellent website content.